Virtual Engine Room


Virtual Engine Room 6 includes:

  • Main engine (2 stroke, low speed, 7 cylinders, fixed pitch propeller)
  • Two complete main engine models: a conventional with a camshaft and electronically controlled
  • Main engine remote control system (manual from CR, automated from the bridge and the emergency control at the engine side)
  • Fuel system (MDO, HFO and Low Sulphur Fuel, including storage system and separators).
  • Lubricating system (LO circulation and separator, LO storage and stern tube lubricating).
  • Cooling system (sea water and fresh water central cooling).
  • Compressed air system.
  • Sewage treatment plant.
  • Sludge and garbage incinerator.
  • Steam system (auxiliary boiler, waste heat recovery, superheated steam, consumers).
  • Power plant (2 diesel generators, 1 shaft generator, 1 turbo generator and 1 emergency diesel generator, multiple power consumers with separate circuits and bow thruster).
  • Bilge system with oily water separator.
  • Ballast system.
  • Steering gear.
  • Refrigerating system.
  • Domestic water system
  • Air conditioning system
  • Simplified own ship model with ship speed modelling.
  • Engine room ventilation system.
  • Inert gas system.
  • Turbo pump.
  • Engine room ventilation system.
  • Water mist firefighting system.
  • CO2 firefighting system.
  • PID controllers

VER 6 includes 14 STCW compatible automatic tests integrated with the simulator:

Operational Level Tests (according STCW Table A-III/1):

  • X1 – Emergency Generator Operation.
  • X2 – Sea Water System Operation
  • X3 – Bilge System Operation
  • X4 – Ballast System Operation – Task 1
  • X5 – Ballast System Operation – Task 2
  • X6 – HFO System Operation
  • X7 – Fresh Water Generator Operation.

Management Level Tests (according STCW Table A-III/2):

  • Y1- Diesel Generator Performance Evaluation – Task 1
  • Y2 – Main Engine Performance Evaluation – Task 1
  • Y3 – Diesel Generator Performance Evaluation – Task 2
  • Y4 – Main Engine Performance Evaluation – Task 2
  • Y5 – Steam Boiler Operation
  • Y6 – Turbo Generator Operation
  • Y7 – Main Engine Performance Evaluation – Task 3

VER 4.8 Includes the Test Editor which enables the creation of the new tests and an existing test editing

It is possible to edit the parameter conditions……

.. and the state conditions.

Please ask you distributor for the evaluation package!


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Virtual Engine Room 5 Electronic Control (VER 5 EC) is a first engine room simulator of the electronically controlled low speed diesel engine.

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Virtual Engine Room 4.8 (VER 4.8) is a PC-based full Virtual mission engine room simulator with a multiple resolution two screen support and 14 automatic tests compatible with STCW requirements.

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Please see Virtual Engine Room 4 self-running demo.

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