VIRTUAL ENGINE ROOM 6 is available for purchase, 

from UNITEST Marine Simulators. Ltd.

Virtual Engine Room 6 (commercial full version)

VER6 has been developed to comply with:

  • STCW 2010 Code: Section A-1/12 and Section B-1/12.
  • ISM Code: Section 6 and Section 8.

VER 6 has the type approval certificate issued by EU classification company

Here are some VER6 screen shots:


Virtual Engine Room – Free Student Version is the MOST POPULAR ENGINE ROOM SIMULATOR in the world!

The absolutely FREE Student Version is available for download.
More than !!! 56,000 !!! maritime engineering students already did it!



The Management Level Simulator – Turbo Diesel 5 is available for purchase from UNITEST Marine Simulators!

This simulator will include many new features like:
– exhaust gas emission simulation,
– Chief Engineer voice advices,
– thermal load estimation,
– more sophisticated and flexible live run results,
– new gauges,
and much more…….

Please ask your distributor for the evaluation package!


Picture below: Dr. Stefan Kluj is showing engine room simulators to former IMO Secretary-General Mr. Koji Sekimizu

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