Please find below the information about available updates of the engine room simulators. The information how to update from the specific version to the latest version is also included.

Turbo Diesel 5
Virtual Engine Room 6 | Virtual Engine Room 4.8 | Engine Room Console 6

Turbo Diesel 5

Version Dated What is new A 27.11.2013 New features:
- Hardlock drivers compatible with Windows 8.1
29.11.2012 New features:
- Automatic recognition of Windows XP and disabling of  the synthesized speach.
09.05.2012 New features:
- New manual
- New ULM version 21.04.2012 First working version of TD5

Virtual Engine Room 6

Version Dated What is new (CC) (EC) ULM (CC) (EC)
04.11.14 Fixed bugs:
- Problem with windows management when changing the screen layout.
- Alarm windows appears even in single monitor mode. (CC) (EC)
07.10.14 First working version of VER6.

Virtual Engine Room 4.8

Version Dated What is new A A

12.06.12 New features:
- New updated manual with time limit assessment
Fixed bugs:
- Test1.vtt numbers of minutes corrected
Dated 09.06.12 New features:
- Time limit in assessment added.
06.06.12 New features:
- Scenario file with voice messages is red.
- Voice messages are executed in standalone mode only and
ignored in supervised mode. A A
24.10.11 New features:
- CBT DE (hardlock protected) added to the installation. (WXGA)
14.04.11 Fixed bugs:
- Bridge form opens in Supervised Mode
- Alarm List does not clear when new setup is loaded in Supervised Mode
- Problems with TG synchronization in the checklist.
- Alarm acknowledge added in TG synchronization checklist.
- TG stator heating not working
New features:

- Stern tube drain tank level included in assessment criteria for Test A
- Stern tube differential pressure included in assessment criteria for Test A
- Intermediate bearing level included in assessment criteria for Test A (WXGA) (SXGA + HD1080)
28.02.11 New version for two monitors with WXGA (1280 x 768)
and SXGA (1280 x 1024) and HD1080 (1920 x 1080) resolution.
Following changes have been introduced:
- 14 new automatic tests compatible with STCW
- New hardlock driver for Windows 7.

Engine Room Console 6

Version Dated What is new 20.11.14 Fixed bugs:
- The communication with console is stopped if console is not connected or not working.
15.11.14 New features:
- Compatible with XL version
- Corrected documentation 28.10.14 First working version of ERC6

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